Our Services

  • Translation of your documents maintaining format
  • Text adaptation for advertising / marketing / communication purposes
  • Proofreading to identify any spelling / grammar mistakes
  • Editing + quality assurance check on translation
  • Final proof/voucher check to ensure quality prior to printing
  • Multilingual SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your Website
  • Simultaneous interpreting (conference interpreting): one language is rendered into another almost instantaneously to save time when you organize a congress, conference or symposium
  • Consecutive interpreting: the interpreter translates each time there is a pause in the speaker's delivery. often used during ceremonies, at gala dinners, round-table conferences or further training seminars
  • Whispered interpreting: a simultaneous interpreting technique requiring a minimal technical installation
  • Liaison interpreting (negotiation interpreting): to optimize your chances in the framework of a working conference, in Switzerland or abroad
  • Judicial and legal interpreting: take advantage of the services of interpreters specializing in the legal field, for court cases or before a notary or solicitor


Areas of specialism:

Technical, electronics, banking, literature, business, marketing, law, science


To and from the following languages:

French, German, Italian, English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Other languages upon request.


Tradeo’s assets:

  1. professional work
  2. delivery on time
  3. attractive prices

For your business travel, follow-up of tenders, annual general meeting, business conference, negotiation of contracts, signature of contracts – we offer our services to businesses and individuals who need the aid of a language specialist. Contact us today for a quote for a translation or an interpreting service.